Lapislazuli-House is a company devoted to make market and export fine handmade jewellery and ornaments made of lapis lazuli, fine metals and other gems.

The company was founded by Mrs. Luciana Celis Santelices who, motivated by her father-in-law, Mr. José Lamonica Cabrera, started to promote the importance of lapis lazuli among her acquaintances in diplomatic corps and foreigners living in Chile in the mid-sixties.

In 1971, Mrs. Celis opened the first lapis lazuli store in the Bellavista neighbourhood – currently know as the most famous bohemian-artistic area of the country. Mrs. Celis started to promote her business in important local press media and in the main hotels and tourist agencies of the country. In 1977, Mrs. Celis opened her second store in Torreon Victoria of the San Cristóbal Hill, a tourist landmark of Santiago, and later sets permanently in Bellavita Street.

During the period 1970-2000, Mrs. Celis travelled through the United States and Europe to announce her work and to establish commercial relations. As well, she attended numerous international jewellery fairs (United States, Germany, Switzerland and Spain). At the same time, from the late 70’s on, Mrs. Celis’s family started to set stores in various places of Bellavista Street, contributing to the creation of an attraction area for tourists interested in this exclusive blue stone (declared to be the National Stone of Chile in 1984)

Because of the company's distinguished trajectory, and the quality of its works, Lapislázuli-House is highlighted in different international tourist guides (Lonely Planet, The Rough Guide To, Total Guide from Spain). As well, Lapislázuli-House has been visited by show business celebrities, national and international government authorities, and senior managers of multinational companies. 

Bellavista 08. Second Floor. Providencia, Santiago, Chile // buy@lapislazulihouse.cl
Santiago, Chile / t: 56-(02) 2732-1419, 56-(02) 2494-8255 c: 56-9-9-195 1540. Metropolitan Washington, D.C., EEUU / t: 1-(301) 919-9296